6 Gallon Amalgam Recycling Mailback Container

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As experts in dental services, medentex offers a full line of amalgam waste containers, equipped with extra health & safety protection. Our containers are the only product on the US market featuring a technology that protects you and your staff from the dangers of mercury vapor exposure. All our containers include our patented mercury vapor suppressant medentovap.

Our Silver Service Amalgam Waste containers are UN/DOT approved and have been specifically designed for the safe handling and compliant disposal of dental waste containing amalgam. This includes amalgam separators from other manufacturers, used chairside traps, amalgam sludge, leftover amalgam or extracted teeth with amalgam fillings.

Return shipping, professional and compliant recycling of the amalgam waste, and a recycling certificate are always included with the purchase of each container.


Product highlights         


  • Featuring patented mercury vapor suppressant medentovap®
  • Secure handling and storage of all amalgam waste
  • UN/DOT approved for safe and proper waste transport
  • Return shipping, recycling and recycling certificate included
  • Different sizes tailored to fit your needs


  • UN approved return container
  • Medentovap Technology
  • Certificate of destruction

*If any of the contents are damaged or missing, contact Green Frontier for a replacement


Container Brand
Container Size
6 Gallons
Kit Dimensions
14" x 14" x 18"
Waste Type
Amalgam Recycling Equipment
Preferred Courier