28 Gallon Sharps and Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Kit

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The 28 Gallon Medical Professional Mailback Kit is ideal for small to medium sized generators of sharps waste and soft medical waste. This product allows you to dispose of medical waste at an affordable, as needed, without the constraints of a long term contract.

Our containers have been UN tested and approved for shipping by the USPS, making them the best medical waste disposal option on the market in terms of safety, affordability and compliance. Simply fill the bulk container with properly sealed sharps container and bagged soft waste, as described in the instruction sheet and schedule a pick up via the USPS when it is convenient for you.

All sharps must be contained in a sealed sharps container before being placed in the large bulk container.


  • (1) 28-gallon bulk container
  • Prepaid return shipping label
  • Detailed packaging instructions & waste segregation information
  • Treatment of waste
  • Proof of treatment documentation

*If any of the contents are damaged or missing, contact Green Frontier for a replacement


Container Brand
Green Frontier
Container Size
28 Gallons
Kit Dimensions
20" x 20" x 24"
Maximum Return Weight
40 lbs
Waste Type
Sharps and RMW
Preferred Courier