RxDrop - Medication Drop Box

Our RxDrop medication collection service is a comprehensive program that allows DEA registered collectors and law enforcement to offer a safe collection method of end user medications to their community. Medication take back programs are proven to reduce instances of accidental or intentional overdoses and drug abuse by providing an option for the disposal of prescription drugs that is both convenient and free to the user.

With our RxDrop service customers own their drop box and only pay for the handling and disposal of each inner liner. Our standard inner liner is 18gal and is built to exceed DEA inner liner requirements to lessen the chances of diversion (see 21 CFR 1317.60 – inner liner requirements). Our drop boxes are easy to install and are supplied with custom signage that provide simple instructions for use and personal branding of company, department or municipality logo.

Collection Process

  1. Remove and immediately seal the inner liner under the supervision of two employees.
  2. Seal the outer packaging according to the instructions included with your mail back packaging.
  3. Place a new liner in your drop box.
  4. Contact Green Frontier to schedule pick up of your full liner or schedule a pickup online through our website.
  5. A prepaid return shipping label is included with your return packaging, make sure that this label is visible on the outer packaging.
  6. Once the inner liner has been treated proof of treatment documentation will be made available online through our customer account portal.



Who can use the medication drop box?

Any end user in lawful possession of a medication that is acceptable in the chart listed above.

Who is authorized to install, manage and maintain a drop box and collect medications from end users?

Manufacturers, distributors, reverse distributors, narcotic treatment programs, hospitals/clinics with an on-site pharmacy, and retail pharmacies who are registered with the DEA and have modified their registration to be a collector. Hospitals, clinics and retail pharmacies may also maintain collection receptacles at long term care facilities. (see 21 CFR 1317.40)

What allows Green Frontier to handle controlled substances and other pharmaceuticals?

Green Frontier is a DEA registered Reverse Distributor, this allows us to collect and facilitate the destruction of controlled substances from DEA registrants, collectors and law enforcement.

What treatment methods do you utilize?

All pharmaceuticals are treated by incineration to meet DEA regulations requiring all controlled substances to be treated using a method that renders the substances non-retrievable. (see 21 CFR 1317.90)

What security, control and tracking methods are used to prevent the diversion of the collected medications?

We use inner liners that are tamper proof, waterproof, tear resistant, bear a unique tracking number and are non-descript. Our material is stored in a facility that meets standards set in 21 CFR 1301.72 for the storage of schedule II-V controlled substances. Finally, destruction of all materials to a non-retrievable state is witnessed by two green frontier employees and proof of destruction is provided to customers through our online portal.

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