Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution

Our Reverse Distribution services allow DEA registrants to return or dispose of unusable medications in a way that is both safe and easy for the user as well as fully compliant with all federal, state and local regulations. Our process significantly reduces the chances of diversion throughout the entire returns process. From our 24hr surveillance monitored facility to packaging that includes inner liners that are traceable, lockable and tamper proof, we go above and beyond industry standards to insure the material we manage is secure throughout the entire returns process.


Destruction Service - We receive your unusable medications and facilitate the destruction of these products utilizing a process and destruction facility that meets all federal state and local regulatory requirements.

Drugs Managed

Controlled II-V
Non controlled
Non hazardous

We do not accept any RCRA listed hazardous drugs

Our Process
  1. Customer submits inventory/order form and chooses either a 1.25gal, 5gal or 18gal return kit depending on the amount of material they are returning.
  2. Customer receives accepted inventory/order form and invoice as well as a DEA form 222 if CII’s are present.
  3. Once payment has been received you will be sent packaging to ship your return back to us. We provide all the necessary packaging along with a prepaid return shipping label.
  4. After your material has been properly treated we provide DEA form 41 proof of destruction and or certificates of destruction depending on the material being managed.

For shipment of larger volumes please call us to discuss alternate packaging and shipping arrangements.

Order forms containing RCRA listed drugs will be rejected and any shipments containing RCRA listed drugs will be returned to the customer.


Who and what are your reverse distribution services meant for?

Our reverse distribution services are for DEA registrants who are returning expired or unwanted inventory drugs for disposal. This service is not for end user drugs.

Do you accept hazardous pharmaceuticals?

No, we accept Schedule II-V controlled and non-controlled drugs that are non-hazardous. Order forms with hazardous drugs listed will be denied and will need to be resubmitted without the hazardous drugs listed.

Downloadable Order Form


Downloadable Schedule II Inventory Form (required for Schedule II's)

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