Compliance/ Online Training

We have a full suite of online training and compliance tools available to help customers maintain compliance with OSHA standards. Also available are a variety of tools that allow you to create safety plans, perform safety audits, view and print Material Safety Data Sheets and monitor changes of federal regulations through our monthly updated federal regulation database.

Customer account portal: Our web-based account portal allows customers to view, print and or download a variety of service related documents including: digital manifests, proof of treatment and past inventory/order forms. As well as view their current service schedule.

Online Training Courses: The following online courses are available through our online compliance/ training portal. Each course is followed by a test and certificate of completion with successful completion of the test.

Bloodborne Pathogens for Healthcare

                1hr 21min – required annually – 1 credit

Bloodborne Pathogens for Schools

                45mins – required annually – 1 credit


                1hr 10min – required – 1 credit

Hazcom (GHS)

                45mins – required – 1 credit

DoT: Regulated Medical Waste

                41mins – required – 1 credit

Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare

                25mins – 1 credit

Sharps Safety

                19mins – 1 credit

Fire Safety

                30mins – 1 credit

Electrical Safety

                30mins – 1 credit

Hand Hygiene for Healthcare

                20mins – 1 credit


                25mins – 1 credit

Workplace Violence Prevention

                1 credit

Medicare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

                76mins – 1 credit

Medicare C & D Compliance

                19mins – 1 credit

Sexual Harassment Prevention – NY

                60mins – required – 1 credit


Customers receiving any of our reverse distribution, medication drop box or medical waste services on a monthly basis receive 10 free credits annually. Additional credits are available for purchase for $15/credit.

Other offerings available through our compliance/ training portal:

MSDS/SDS: Millions of Material Safety Data Sheets.

Safety Plan Builder: Create and maintain all four OSHA required safety plans.

Safety Audits: Conduct over 75 different safety audits on your facility.

OSHA Log 300: Create and maintain your employee injury log.

Regulations: Alll 225,000 Federal Regulations, updated monthly.

ICD-10: Look up any of the current ICD-10 codes.

Infectious Control Center: Review current topics on dealing with highly infectious patients and waste.


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