Medentex Silver Service Disposal Box

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The Medentex Silver Service Disposal Box helps dental practices comply with the new EPA rule mandating dental amalgam separation. As of July 2017, all dental offices and schools who empty waste water into a public water system are required to use an amalgam separator. The Medentex Silver Service Disposal Box not only meets, but exceeds the EPA requirements for amalgam separation.

The Silver Service Disposal Box is a one stop solution for replacing your amalgam separator cartridge and is included with the purchase of a Medentex Amalgam Separator. The Medentex Silver Service replacement cartridge is also compatible with other amalgam separator brands including, Solmetex Hg5, DentalEZ Amalgam HoG, Dental EZ Hg5, and the Apavia AVT-Max.

    The Medentex Silver Service is the most hassle free solution to making your practice EPA compliant and beginning amalgam separation. Best of all, you can feel good about doing your part in keeping America's waterways mercury free!


    • 1 Medentex Amalgam Separator Replacement Cartridge
    • A 1.5 Amalgam Waste Mailback Container
    • 1 Toothbox
    • 1 Used Capsule Bag
    • A yearly courtesy call reminding you to replace your amalgam separator cartridge

    *If any of the contents are damaged or missing, contact Green Frontier for a replacement


    Container Brand
    Container Size
    24" x 16" x 13"
    Maximum Return Weight
    13.0 lbs
    Waste Type
    Amalgam Recycling Equipment
    Preferred Courier