Sharps Disposal Has Never Been Easier!

Has your sharps disposal bill gotten out of hand? Our easy to use sharps and medical waste mailback kits take the hassle out of disposing of your regulated waste.

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Is your practice EPA Compliant?

As of July 2017 all dental practices are required to separate and recycle dental amalgam. Our line of dental amalgam separation and disposal products make the process easier than ever!

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Looking for a safe needle disposal service for your organization?

1 in 9 people in the American workforce are diabetic and used syringes are often left behind in public restrooms. Our comprehensive service allows for safe containment and disposal of used needles, as well as training for safe handling to protect your customers and employees.

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What makes green frontier the right choice for your business?

  • Affordability – Our wide range of mailback kit sizes allows you to choose a plan that fits your practice and keep your disposal costs in check
  • Sustainability – All of our waste is disposed of using autoclaves that use steam sterilization to properly treat your waste with minimal impacts on the environment
  • Convenience - No contracts or hidden fees. Simply purchase a mailback kit, fill it with waste and mail it back using the prepaid postage whenever it is convenient for you. No more worrying about set schedules and pick up days.
  • Compliance – At Green Frontier we understand that risk management is a top priority for your business. Our line of medical waste mailback kits are OSHA and DOT compliant, UN tested and fully insured giving you peace of mind knowing that from pickup to destruction you’re waste is being handled safely and in compliance with all state and federal regulations.
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Order a mail back kit that fits your needs

Fill and seal the container

Mail the kit back to us using the prepaid shipping label at your convenience